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Coffeyville, Ks

Coffeyville, Kansas, a vibrant town in Montgomery County, is rich in history and community spirit. With over 10,200 residents, it's a hub of industry and culture, known for its historical significance in thwarting the Dalton Gang. The town celebrates its heritage with events like Dalton Defender Days and offers a range of activities, from the Inter-state Fair and Rodeo to leisure at its Aquatic Center. Home to major industries and educational institutions like Coffeyville Community College, this town combines tradition with progress, making it a unique place to live and visit.

Located just a mile north of the Oklahoma border in Montgomery County, Coffeyville, Kansas, stands out as the most populous town in the region, home to more than 10,200 people. Nestled along the Verdigris River and near I-169, it is not only a geographical low point in Kansas but also a high point of cultural and historical significance. The town is famously known for the defeat of the Dalton Gang, an event celebrated annually in October during the Dalton Defender Days, reflecting the community's pride in its heritage.

Coffeyville's spirit is further showcased in August with the Inter-state Fair and Rodeo, offering a plethora of family-oriented activities, including livestock shows, bull riding, and a demolition derby. The town's Aquatic Center provides summer fun with its diverse water features, while golf enthusiasts, museum-goers, and park lovers will find plenty to enjoy year-round.

The town's economy is robust, anchored by significant industrial players like John Deere Corporation, Coffeyville Resources, and Sherwin Williams Chemical Co., highlighting a strong manufacturing sector. This industrial strength is complemented by a commitment to education, with public schools boasting a 13:1 student-to-teacher ratio and ranking highly in diversity statewide. Additionally, Coffeyville Community College is recognized for its affordability and quality education.

Educational options in Coffeyville are varied, catering to a range of preferences and needs, from public schools to private institutions like Holy Name School, ensuring comprehensive educational opportunities for all residents.

In essence, Coffeyville, Kansas, represents a blend of historical richness, community engagement, educational excellence, and industrial strength, offering a multifaceted living and learning environment that honors its past while looking forward to a vibrant future.

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