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Cherryvale, Ks

Cherryvale, Kansas, with a population exceeding 2,300, is celebrated as the "Gateway to Big Hill Lake." This Montgomery County city, covering 1.92 square miles, is not just a scenic locale but also steeped in history, with the South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad running through it. Cherryvale's past includes the mysterious Bender family, adding intrigue to its rich history. Today, residents and visitors enjoy outdoor activities at Big Hill Lake, offering a variety of recreational opportunities.

Cherryvale, Kansas, nestled in Montgomery County and home to over 2,300 people, stands as the "Gateway to Big Hill Lake," extending over 1.92 square miles of vibrant community life. This town, served by the South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad, is a vital junction that stretches across 511 miles, linking Kansas with Oklahoma, emphasizing its significance in regional connectivity.

Delving into Cherryvale's history unveils the chilling tale of the Bender family, notorious for their inn and general store where eleven unfortunate souls met their end in the 1870s. The Benders' subsequent disappearance adds a layer of mystery and dark allure to Cherryvale's past, captivating history enthusiasts and visitors alike.

For those seeking leisure and outdoor enjoyment, Big Hill Lake is a mere 3.5 miles east of Cherryvale. Managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, this recreational haven spans 367 acres and is equipped for a multitude of activities. Whether it's fishing, boating, picnicking, or enjoying a day at the sandy beach, Big Hill Lake provides a perfect escape into nature's embrace.

The educational needs of Cherryvale are met by the Cherryvale School District #447, which includes Lincoln Central Elementary School for K-6, Thayer Elementary for K-8, and Cherryvale Middle/High School for grades 7-12, ensuring a comprehensive education framework for the city's youth.

Cherryvale, with its intriguing history, picturesque landscapes, and robust community life, offers a unique blend of intrigue, beauty, and educational prowess, making it a noteworthy and charming place to live or visit in Kansas.

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